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Ford Anglia Models Through the Ages

12345123On this page we look at the previous Ford's that have bourne the name Anglia,
leading to the legend that is the 105E

Ford Anglia E04A

Ford Anglia E04

Launched just before the out break of the Second World War in 1939, the Ford Anglia E04A would form the basis of a model range that would remain in production for the next 20 years. Based on the old 7Y 8hp model the Anglia used a very simple mechanical layout that included mechanical brakes and a sidevalve engine.
All Anglia's used a two door, four seater saloon body that was almost always finished in the famous Ford black paint. Equipment and trim were as simple as possible but helped Ford keep the price as low as possible. Production of this Anglia derivative ended in 1948, by which time 55,807 had been built.
The Van variant was designated the E04C and was built from 1940 to 1948.

Ford Anglia E494A

Ford Anglia E494 Ford Anglia E494 Van

Ford updated the Anglia in 1948 and continued the theme set by the pre-war E04A model, luckily the "new" E494A Anglia was only intended to be a stop-gap until the arrival of the 100E series in 1953.
The Anglia retained the sidevalve engine used previously and the only real changes were to the front end styling and some minor trim differences. Equipment for the Anglia was incredibly basic, although trafficators and a second windscreen wiper were now standard. Despite being replaced by the modern 100E, the Anglia received a new lease of life and continued in even more basic form as the 103E Popular until 1959, by which time 108,878 had been built.
The Van variant was designated the E494C and was built from 1949 to 1954.

Ford Anglia 100E

Ford Anglia 100E123 Ford Anglia 300E Van

Following the success of the Consul/Zephyr, Ford applied the same engineering and styling principles to its new small car range in 1953, the cars were new, but the names were familiar, Anglia and Prefect.
The Anglia formed the lower end of the two car range, although a De-luxe version was soon available. Both Anglia and Prefect versions were given the Ford model code 100E. The Anglia featured an all new unitary body, with modern "three box" styling and made use of the patented MacPherson strut front suspension system. The car looked very modern, however it had to make do with an ancient sidevalve engine (1172cc), 3 speed transmission and the breathless vacuum operated wipers.
The model was well received despite its flaws and enjoyed strong sales that lasted until the arrival of the 105E Anglia in 1959, by which time 345,841 had been built.
The Van variant was designated the 300E and was built from 1954 to 1961.

Ford Anglia 105E

Ford Anglia 105E Ford Anglia 307E Van

This leads us nicely up to 1959 and the Ford Anglia 105E Saloon, Estate and 307E Van

Ford Anglia Model Comparison Chart

Model Type Length Height Width Engine Size BHP at RPM Fuel Consumption 0 - 50 m.p.h Max Speed
  1ft 22in 1ft 22in 1ft 22in c.c   m.p.g seconds m.p.h
E04A 12228.5 15223 14229 933 23.4 at 4000 36 - 45 35.4 59.6
E494A 12228.2 15224.25 14227.9 933 23.4 at 4000 36 - 40 48.1 59
100E 12227.25 142210.75 15220.5 1,172 36 at 4500 29 - 33 19.7 68.3
105E 12229.5 14228.6 14229.3 996.6 39 at 5000 31 - 44 17.8 76.8

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