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Ford Anglia 105E Convertible

Welcome to the Anglia Convertible part of the site. In this area of the site, you will find some
Adverts, Articles, Brochures, Models and Photo's associated with the Ford Anglia 105E Convertible.

Typical Anglia Convertible

Ford did not build any Ford Anglia 105E Convertibles themselves, but there is a rumour that the Convertible specialist company "Crayford" may have built either a prototype or a small run of production cars.

Typical Convertible Engine

The "legend" of a "Crayford" convertible is first mentioned in the May 1982 edition of "Practical Classics" magazine, which shows this photograph with the caption "An Anglia Convertible thought to be one of about 20 made by Crayford"

Micheal Allen's book "Anglia, Prefect, Popular" of 1986, has a similar photograph, but this time it is captioned "a convertible Anglia, thought by its present owner to be a one-off by Cayford"

I have not been able to verify this, as no mention seems to be made of an Anglia in any of the Crayford literature I have seen.

In 1962, the Italian stylist Pietro Frua produced a design for a Ford Anglia Spyder (along similar lines to his other Spyder designs for Opels, Fiats etc.) A prototype was built in Italy which appeared in the "auto italiana" magazine in 1963. "Official" photographs were taken of the car and were shown to Ford of Italy. For some reason this stylish car never made it to production. (Possibly because of the slow sales of the Ford Anglia Torino)

Italian Convertible

Anglia Convertible

The lack of an official Ford Anglia 105E Convertible has not stopped enthusiasts building there own over the years

If Crayford have indeed built any Ford Anglia 105E Convertibles it would make them a very rare
and unique variant of the
Anglia family.

The total number of Ford Anglia 105E Convertible's built is unknown.