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Ford Anglia 307E Pick Up

Welcome to the Anglia Pick Up part of the site. In this area of the site, you will find some
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Typical Pick Up

In June 1961 the 5cwt and 7cwt Vans were introduced, based on the Ford Anglia 105E Saloon range.No sooner had the 307E Van started rolling off the production line, than Kenex Coachwork Ltd built and registered it's first 307E Pick Up.

Typical Pick Up

The Pick Up utilised the front half of the 307E Van up to the rear of the front seats. Behind this, the standard van was modified to make the Pick Up bed.

Besides removing the top half of the van body, other modifications included extending the inside of the rear wheel arches backwards to accommodate the petrol tank on the left and a tool box on the right hand side. The back of the cab was created from the top half of the original doors with the tailboard being made from the bottom half. (Complete with the door locking bars)

Typical Pick Up

Typical Pick Up

Kenex were later taken over by Martin Walter Ltd (The Dormobile Company) who put the Pick Up into full production in July 1964. It was discontinued along with the rest of the range in 1967

The Ford Anglia 307E Pick Up is quite a rare variant of the Anglia family.

The total number of Ford Anglia 307E Pick Up's built is unknown