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Anglia-Models Site Copyright and Privacy Policy

12345All logos and Manufacturers Names/References are Copyright their respective owners.

All permissions have been gained for the various personal photo's which appear on the site (complete with accreditation) from various visitors and I have attempted to seek the appropriate permissions to use the various photographs on the review sections of the various model pages, however, if your photograph appears, for which I have not sought your permission for its use,
it will be removed immediately upon your request.

All the information included on this site is provided in good faith, and I cannot therefore accept any responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions.

The content and design of this site is the Copyright of MellY Designs. All photographs on this site, (with the exceptions of those noted above and those acknowledged within the site) are of my own personal collection and are therefore Copyright of MellY Designs.

Information and photographs may be reproduced without my permission as long as it is not for commercial gain, and as long as acknowledgement is shown back to this site. If any information or photographs are reproduced in a Magazine, on a commercial site or are used for commercial gain then my written permission for their use must be sought.