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Ford Anglia 105E - Race History

On this page we look at some of the early race history of the Ford Anglia 105E.
In particular the many Rally's and Races that the Ford Anglia competed in during its early life.

Typical Racing Saloon

The Ford Anglia's Racing Life ...

Virtually as soon as the Ford Anglia 105E rolled off the production line, Ford slapped a couple of spot lights on the front and sent it rallying. During the early years various people saw the potential of the Ford Anglia and its "new" engine. The engine was developed to produce far more horse power than Ford was getting out of it in standard form and it was not only used in the Ford Anglia for Circuit racing, but also in various single seater formulae, kit cars and production specials.

The table below shows some of the various events that the Ford Anglia has competed in over the years of its production (1959 - 1967), with varying degress of success.

RAC Rally
1959 - RAC International Rally of Great Britain
1960 - RAC Rally of Great Britain

East African Safari Rally
1960 - East African Safari

Monte Carlo Rally
1960 - 29th Monte Carlo Rally
1961 - 30th Monte Carlo Rally
1962 - 31st Monte Carlo Rally
1963 - 32nd Monte Carlo Rally
1964 - 33rd Monte Carlo Rally
1965 - 34th Monte Carlo Rally

As proof of the Ford Anglia's enduring reliability and race pace, the car is still being used to great affect in many of today's competitive racing environments.
Some of these events can be seen in the Motoring Events
Photo Albums.

... and the Championships that it has helped to secure.

To show the success that the Ford Anglia has had and continues to have, I will also try and list all
of Championships that the Ford Anglia has acquired for its drivers, on its journey through the years.

1966 - BSCC British Saloon Car Champion - John Fitzpatrick
1976 - National Hot Rod World Champion - George Polley
2001 - Classic Thunder Saloon Champion - Gordon Streeter
2005 - Historic Racing Saloon Register Champion - Dan Cox
2009 - Classic Touring Car Racing Club Champion - Richard Sprigg
2011 - Nicky Grist Motorsport Heart of England Rally Class E Champion - Peter Lewis

If you know of any other Championships that the Ford Anglia has helped to secure or have any information or photographs of Rally or Racing successes, please feel free to email them to me, I would be more than happy to display them on the site.