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Ford Anglia 105E

Hello and Welcome to my Web Site. This Web Site is dedicated to the Ford Anglia 105E.

Saloon Estate Van

To Navigate the site click on one of the Anglia Variants above (eg Saloon) and this will take you to some History, Adverts, Articles, Brochures, Models and Photo's associated with that variation of the Anglia. Enjoy !

Latest Ford Anglia and Site News

12th July 2015 - After what seems like ages, I have finally managed to get the site up and running again. My ancient laptop that I use to compile the site died, and, unfortunately I hadn't back it up anywhere. Finally managed to get the parts to repair it off ebay and its working again. (I just like using the old technology, Ford Anglia anyone lol). Suffice it to say the site is backed up to a couple of places now.

I have also been having problems with the website email account. Someone sent me an email that had a virus. It searched my address book and sent people all sorts of rubbish. Apologies if this has happened to you. I think Hotmail have fixed it now and I have access to the account again. I will reply to the emails sent me, but please be patient.

Regardless of the site being down, we have been attending some shows in our area and I have still been collecting Anglia merchandise and models.
I'll start to update the site again within the next couple of weeks.

Anglia News - I took my Van to the Mercia Marina Car Show today.


Previous News Items

Previous News Items for 2015 can be viewed Here
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