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Bad Taste

Ford Anglia 105E at the Movies

Bad Taste Bad Taste - 1987

In BAD TASTE, a small New Zealand coastal town is taken over by the extraterrestrial Lord Crumb and his army of alien invaders, who are planning to harvest the inhabitants for an intergalactic chain of fast-food restaurants. But Derek (Jackson) and his mates from AIDS (the Astro Investigation and Defense Service) are sent in by the government to destroy the enemy at all costs and ensure the survival of mankind. With plenty of gross-out shock effects, grotesque humanoid aliens, and high camp value, it's easy to see why this film became a cult favorite and a big hit on the midnight-movie scene.

Starring: Pete O'Herne; Mike Miett; Terry Potter; Peter Jackson; Craig Smith;

The Movie Stills

All Movie stills are Copyright of
WingNut Films 1987

Bad Taste 1

The Alien Hunters use a Converted
Ford Anglia Van driven by the Beatles !.

Bad Taste 2

... well not quite by the Beatles. The driver

Bad Taste 3

stands upright in the raised part at the back.

Bad Taste 4

Bad Taste 5

Bad Taste 6

Bad Taste 7

Bad Taste 8

For a small clip of the Anglia Van in the film, Click on the icon below,
or download the MOV File by right clicking on the icon and using "
Save Target As.."

Film Clip

The file is approximately 752kb in size.
... and before anyone asks the music is like that in the film.