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AA Vans

Ford Anglia 307E Van Photo's - AA - Album No 1

AA Logo

One of the hardest things to find is Photos of Ford Anglia Vans in working Livery.

The Automobile Association (AA) used quite a few Anglia Vans during the 1960's.
With the Anglia Van having a long lifespan, it managed to be liveried in both the old and newer AA Liveries.

Old Liveried Van

Old Liveried Van

New Liveried Van

New Liveried Van

Coming to the aid

Coming to the aid

Buried in the snow

Going through some old Anglebox Magazines, I came across the Owners Club Historian's listing of the AA Vans that the Club knew about (The list is repoduced below).
Reg No Date Purchased Dealership Price
2098 UN 22nd March 1962 Gillcock & Cooling  
2415 UN      
HOO 228 23rd March 1962 John L Right  
528 AKG   Godfree Motor Co  
70 DOW   Pontings of Andover 387. 7s. 5d
LEV 851   Elston of Brecon 388. 5s. 5d
807 AOW 26th March 1962 Percy Hendy 387. 2s. 11d
570 DW   Newport Limited  
119 BCR   South Hants Motors 388. 9s. 7d
UHH 781 29th March 1962 County Garage Ltd 387. 12s. 5d
UHH 782      
270 WNU 29th March 1962 George Kennings 388. 14s. 5d
2833 BZ 7th April 1962 Cars Ltd 391. 12s. 6d
9723 CZ 9th April 1962 Alexandra Motors 397. 7s. 8d
496 DLM 11th April 1962 Dagenham Motors  
774 EAA 13th April 1962 Jacksons 388. 15s. 5d
491 DLM 3rd May 1962 Dagenham Motors 393. 4s. 2d
492 DLM      
497 DLM      
275 YTD 7th May 1962 Barton Townly Ltd 389. 6s. 7d
346 NDE   Jeremy's Garage Ltd 389. 1s. 8d
269 WNU 9th May 1962 George Kennings 388. 14s. 5d
2513 UN   Kirby's Ltd 380. 19s. 11d
LEY 721   Mona Motor Co 390. 2s. 4d
693 CCY 11th May 1962 CDM Gay Ltd 390. 2s. 11d
151 EXP      
152 EXP      
153 EXP      
154 EXP      
161 EXP      
628 HLC 24th January 1964    
629 HLC 28th January 1964    
BGC 348B 10th June 1964   407. 3s. 0d
BLX 345B 29th July 1964   407. 14s. 3d
BYU 467B 7th October 1964    
CUU 682C 2nd February 1965   410. 3s. 9d
CUU 687C 3rd February 1965    
DLU 953C 17th February 1965 Arthur Goulds 388. 19s. 5d
EYX 139C 18th August 1965   401. 14s. 6d
GGY 409C 14th September 1965   422. 0s. 6d
XGN 598D      

Unfortunately I seem to have more photos of broken down Anglia's, than photos of Anglia AA Vans.

Broken down saloon

Broken down estate

Models of AA Vans have been produced by Lledo / Corgi in their Vanguards and Trackside ranges
(Model No's
VA00401 and DG207005) ... and Oxford Diecast (Model No's ANG009 and ANG010).

If you have any other AA Information about the Anglia Vans or you have any photographs of Anglia Vans in AA Livery, then please do not hesitate to email me.